DSC_0344DSC_0343DSC_0341DSC_0347Tested with a program called Smaart and use an Earthworks M30 into a Sound Devices USBPre2. Used a Plastic Manequin head, painted it with a texturized paint (to minimize direct reflections as much as possible) and installed a measurement mic “in” each ear.  Pink noise or a sweep is run through the headphone and then measures the resulting response with the mic.  It’s measured against the reference signal which is smaart measuring it’s own output of pink noise (no DA/AD).

Fostex T50RP Mk. III – Version 1

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When Fostex released their original T50RP headphones, it was quickly found out modifying the headphones with orthodynamic drivers would vastly increase the sound quality. It changed the dynamic of how we look at headphones and we have created a name for ourselves modifying the older version. Now with the new Mk3 T50RP headphones from Fostex, we wanted to take the sound levels up even further than previous models, and we have successfully done so.


With our modifications we do similar internal modifications as the older models with moderate changes to the mass loading and baffle modifications. Luckily Fostex has upgraded the headband to something that is more than comfortable enough, so we have decided to leave that alone. Unfortunately Fostex has dropped the ball again on ear-pad quality. Better than the older versions but still nothing near what we want in a headphone pad. We tested many different pads and we settled on the very comfortable Shure 1540 pads. We found that having too thick of a pad will push your ear too far away from the driver and distort the sound quality, and any pads too thin will not be comfortable over long periods of use. The shure 1540 pad is perfectly in the middle, not pushing your ear too far from the driver, but delivering exceptional comfort levels with its alcantara cloth.

The version 1 is our cleanest sounding model with a flat frequency response that does everything right without overdoing any of the lows, mids or highs. Great for gaming, general purpose audio listening and studio mixing. If you prefer a more bass heavy experience, our V3 T50RP Mk3 would be a better solution.

Included with the headphones is the stock 1/4″ (6.5mm) cable and mobile 3.5mm cable, but we do suggest grabbing the V-Moda Audio only cable as an upgrade which you can find here or order it below in the options.

*PLEASE NOTE* – We are experiencing a high demand in orders at this time (11/13) orders may take up to 5 business days to process and ship, please be understanding and thank you for your patience.

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1 review for Fostex T50RP Mk. III – Version 1

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is my third pair of T50RP’s from Mayflower. I had the Mk. II V1’s, and those were great. Fantastic, flat, well renowned headphones, even more so after the mods done by Mayflower. The plastic bracket connector on one of the cans broke. Not Mayflower’s fault, I wore them for about 6 hours every day for almost two years.

    Second pair was the Mk. II V3’s. These were fantastic as well. More bass heavy, very comfortable, nice upgrade from the V1’s. But always a little on the heavy side. Between the leather cups and the big padding on the strap, they would tend to slide down or give me headaches. Despite that, sound quality was great for all types of music.

    But these- the Mk. III’s. These suckers are perfect. The response is flatter than the V3’s, like the Mk. II V1, and the comfort level is in another world. These fuckers are COMFORTABLE. They’re much lighter than any of the previous Mayflowers I’ve had, I think it’s due to the pads. They’re almost like a memory foam. The stock band from Fostex feels great too- the custom padding on the V3’s created some pressure points on my noggin. This one is smooth.

    The sound quality is amazing. It’s definitely better than Fostex’s Mk II. And that’s saying something. The clarity of these things is just ridiculous as times. It’s the best sound you can buy for $500. Wait, shit. How much were these things?

    For real, you won’t find a better semi-open pair of headphones than these for this price range or even $150 more.

    On top of that, the design looks more professional. They’ve dropped the orange colored aluminum rails for some nice gray ones, which a bright orange cable. The stock 3.5mm cable it comes with leaves a bit to be desired, it’s super springy and plastic-y feeling. The 1/4″ cable seems fine…. grab a V-Moda cable for a perfect match.

    If I had the time + know-how I would mod them myself (you probably should too if you’re capable) but I would definitely say Mayflower’s version is worth it. Aside from the pads the internal mods give it that much more clarity and “heft.”

    THAT SAID- You need an amp. You. Need. An. Amp. Without a decent amp these things are more silent than the ghost of your great grandpa’s dead uncle. They’re not portable.

    If you have the power, you won’t regret picking these up. Highly recommended.

    Tyler- ya fkn killed it again m8. Good work.

    • :

      Thanks for the awesome review Zach! Glad you enjoy them.


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