Objective2 and ODAC overhaul, new pricing structure, new distributor in Australia

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer, we certainly did!

For the past 3+ years in business we’ve become popular because of all of our different customization’s and accessories we’ve done and added to the Objective2 and ODAC series, but over the past year we’ve seen a real stagnation in people ordering differences in our products. Most choose the same one or two items and rarely do we get any deviations from this, so we’re simplifying our product line for the O2 and the ODAC.

We are removing all standard (front power) models off the website. 90% of customers order a rear power model so to make it less confusing for new customers, we are only going to have 2 models of both the O2, and the O2/ODAC combo. The standard version will now be rear power, and the desktop model with the larger 6.5mm jack and aluminium knob will still be available. We are also going to remove the option to add the bamboo panel from the options. We’ve noticed that adding more options can confuse new customers and creates more work on the customer service side. Lastly we are deleting the low gain (1 and 2.5x) gain option. The differences between the low and medium (1 and 3.3x) aren’t huge, and the 3.3x gain fits the ODAC Revision B better.

With the introduction of Chinese made O2’s, we are also dropping our pricing. Unfortunately some people just want the cheapest made product and do not care where it is made or what the warranty on the product is, it forces our hand to drop our pricing. Over the day or so we will be adjusting all of our pricing on the website to be more competitive with these Chinese made devices.

Ending on a positive note, we have a new distributor in Australia. Storedj.com.au is a large audio distributor and we are sending a large shipment of O2’s and O2/ODAC’s to them, so if you live in Australia I would check them out directly.

In the new few days Logan from TekSyndicate should be launching a review on the V1 model of headphones as well as Zeos (Z reviews) a little later on after that. The new Mk3 headphones are a little hard to come by at the moment, but we are doing our best to try to find them at a reasonable price.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in a few weeks 🙂


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  • I appreciate that you are trying to stay competitive in a demanding market. Take it from a happy customer, though. I would gladly pay a premium if it means the end product is of high quality.

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Published on: September 23, 2016
Written by: Tyler Chilton
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